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Major Bleeding in the ED

Ok so I asked some of the nursing team in ED what they wanted to know more about, so this one is for you guys! What do we define as ‘major bleeding’ or major haemorrhage’? For me the way I describe that definition has changed somewhat over the years, in my military days where I […]

Patient assessment

This is the first of our accompanying infographics for each section of the framework. You may have heard we that we released our podcasts finally on iTunes (if you haven’t don’t worry click here)  The plan is that for each section we will have a podcast, an infographic, a blog and a video to access […]

Imposter syndrome

This is so important to most of us who work in emergency care where we literally learn new things every day. ​ I am sure you have all that feeling of ‘I just don’t know enough’ or ‘I am never going to get this’  The key points from Harmony’s poster here is that this is NORMAL!! Don’t […]

I feel like my heart is skipping a beat…

Hello all and welcome to the next blog from @ededucate and this one is all about Atrial Fibrillation AF or Fast Atrial Fibrillation F(AF), something we see quite a lot of in ED. The nursing considerations in these patients are important and in the last few months I have been involved in a couple of […]

Merry Christmas and Thank you 2018!

Hey Folks! This is a blog to accompany our latest podcast available here. So here we are and Christmas is almost upon us and that means it’s nearly 2019 and that is scary!! The last 12 months have been a bit of whirlwind for me to be honest and amongst that whirlwind, was the creation […]

Merry Christmas and Thank you!!!

Liz (@SisterScrappy) and I (@ashleighlowther) having another chat…. so we just wanted to get something out to you guys about why we have been so quiet but to recognise what we have achieved this year (8 months) thanks to your support.    So firstly sorry this isn’t a specific learning podcast and more of a […]
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