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To err is human: surviving humanity

Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever made a mistake that harmed a patient? Do you still think about that mistake, even if it’s years ago? Me too. We all do it – mistakes range from the generally minor, like calculating a NEWS wrong, requesting an X-ray on the wrong limb (or the […]

EDeducate on tour – the EMEC

So, our first conference report on EDeducate. On June 11th Harmony, Liz, Ashleigh, Kirsten and I descended on Birmingham for the Emergency Medicine Educators Conference organised by Scott Carrington. It was an excellent programme: so I’ll try to summarise some of the educational pearls I, as a non-educationalist ED person, brought from it. Our own […]

Casey and the case of the missed diagnosis

Meet Casey. She arrived at your emergency department one Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago. She’s a cheerful, previously healthy 19 year old part way through her second year at your local Higher Education institution. She’s also just spent 4 days on Critical Care, and is the subject of a Serious Untoward Incident/Level 3 investigation […]