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Merry Christmas and Thank you!!!

Liz (@SisterScrappy) and I (@ashleighlowther) having another chat…. so we just wanted to get something out to you guys about why we have been so quiet but to recognise what we have achieved this year (8 months) thanks to your support.    So firstly sorry this isn’t a specific learning podcast and more of a […]

Emergency Nursing- maybe the best job in the world….

 This is slightly different to our previous podcasts- Liz (@SisterScrappy) and I (@ashleighlowther) having a chat about how we got into being an ED Nurse and what the current situation is. This was sparked by a conversation I had with an amazing ED nurse talking about leaving the job and I found myself trying […]

Pain assessment in the ED

Hi lovely people, Welcome to our 3rd podcast and we actually forgot to say on the podcast that we have a new jingle!! Thanks to Nigel (@Nrtaylor101) from the @RCEMLearning team for his help with that. Ok so we are pretty chuffed with the support you guys have given us so far and we want to keep […]

Patient assessment

This episode is the first ‘proper’ one and we are discussing triage and assessment at the front door in line with the framework CCT1- the whole part of CCT1 knowledge and skills.​ We have mentioned a few documents in the podcast so they are linked below for your viewing pleasure.  We are still trying to get the […]

The Introduction

This podcast links very nicely to everything already on the website and is a guide to ‘what we are trying to achieve’  We hope you like it! Jingle to be changed and sound quality to be worked on.. bear with us For Apple users For Android users