Emergency Nursing- maybe the best job in the world….

This is slightly different to our previous podcasts-

Liz (@SisterScrappy) and I (@ashleighlowther) having a chat about how we got into being an ED Nurse and what the current situation is. This was sparked by a conversation I had with an amazing ED nurse talking about leaving the job and I found myself trying to convince her but with a struggle, as everything she said was completely legitimate. 

Anyway in the podcast we make reference to Liz’s blog so here is the link to that. 

We also chatted about the absolutely fabulous presentation by @LizCrowe2 available here

We hope you enjoy and as always are very open to suggestions for future blogs or chats. 

Coming soon, Liz and I + Harmony are going to chat about becoming an ACP- the future is bright! 

Much love

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