Foamed, what do I need to know?

This infographic by Harmony gives you the background to #FOAMED

If you don’t really get what we mean when we say ‘tweet it’ ‘snap it’ then start here. 

This really encompasses what we are trying to achieve with this website- to give you guys other ways to improve your skills, knowledge and portfolio in all things #ED using #FOAMED

Challenge- Read this and perhaps do some reading around education strategies and you’ll find you can link this to more than the codes below- try clicking here to take the VARK questionnaire and find out how you learn.

#FOAMED is not strictly evidence based practice but… all of our blogs are linked to literature- combine these with your own reading to bring a subject together. 


RCN Competency Codes

Level 1

GNP 5.1.1, GNP 6.1.2

Level 2

GNP 5.1.1, 5.2.1


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