Imposter syndrome

This is so important to most of us who work in emergency care where we literally learn new things every day. 

I am sure you have all that feeling of ‘I just don’t know enough’ or ‘I am never going to get this’ 

The key points from Harmony’s poster here is that this is NORMAL!! Don’t panic but control it because the feelings will make you better but only if you are able to control those ANTS!!

Why is this important to you? If we are to advance within our chosen path we must be able to recognise where we are on the scale of novice to expert and if we let imposter syndrome take over we may not be able to do that. 

Reflection is the underpinning process to our education whether we like it or not, but how we do that is important. I may have mentioned this already but my vision for how you use this website is that you link all of the content to one aspect of the competency framework. The framework is actually based on the Benner (1984) Novice to Expert continuum available here

So doubting yourself is good

Letting it take over is not!

I would much rather work with a nurse who says ‘ I don’t know that” than one who says they do know ‘everything’ Check out this diagram to explain. 

RCN Competency Codes

Level 1

GNP 2.1.1, GNP 5.1.1

Level 2

GNP 5.1.1


Benner, P. (1982). From Novice to Expert. American Journal of Nursing. [Online]. Available at: 


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