Patient assessment

This is the first of our accompanying infographics for each section of the framework. You may have heard we that we released our podcasts finally on iTunes (if you haven’t don’t worry click here

The plan is that for each section we will have a podcast, an infographic, a blog and a video to access so that no matter how you learn or how much time you have you can still get some of the framework covered. My advice would be to do a bit of work on each section and gradually advance through the Benner levels as you gain experience on the job. 

So this infographic covers CCT1 which is all things patient assessment at the front door- as with all of the sections it encompasses knowledge and skills. 

Take home points- this is possibly the most important part of our job- we need to get this right for our patients. 

Keep doing the amazing work you all do. 


RCN Competency Framework Level 1 and Level 2- All sections. 


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