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Crossing the line

Competency Framework: CD2.7 Central Venous Catheter (CVC): insertion & care in A&E Hello! Welcome to A&E in the depths of winter. You’ve become well acquainted with the art of corridor care and doorway triage, and now it’s time to see critical care overflow from the ICU! You take handover in a busy resus room and […]

Behind the Guidelines

As ED staff we all know that in an emergency we have our trusty guidelines to turn to. This helps with cognitive off-load in stressful situations, but are these guidelines always up to date with the evidence? This post aims to look at some of the most current research, and make you question the guidelines […]

The secret to happy nurses? Pathway to Excellence

In the words of Monty Python (well sort of): ‘what has pathway ever done for me?’ This is what I hear when I walk around the hospital chatting to nurses and other staff about our journey on the pathway to excellence. There is an air of suspicion still that this will mean extra work for […]

Call the Midwife….

Situation A 32 year old female presents to the ED with PV bleeding 8 hours post delivering a healthy baby girl at home. It’s her second pregnancy, and second child. She had no complications with her first pregnancy, or with this one, and was deemed low risk for a home delivery. Initially she just noticed […]

Neuro obs: A right headache?

Situation How often do you take handover of a patient and get told “they’re on neuro obs?” Or get asked by the assessing clinician “can we start this lady on neuro obs please?”. Yet I recently had a conversation with one of our healthcare assistants who said she wasn’t trained to do neuro obs, only […]

Merry Christmas and Thank you 2018!

Hey Folks! This is a blog to accompany our latest podcast available here. So here we are and Christmas is almost upon us and that means it’s nearly 2019 and that is scary!! The last 12 months have been a bit of whirlwind for me to be honest and amongst that whirlwind, was the creation […]

Merry Christmas and Thank you!!!

Liz (@SisterScrappy) and I (@ashleighlowther) having another chat…. so we just wanted to get something out to you guys about why we have been so quiet but to recognise what we have achieved this year (8 months) thanks to your support.    So firstly sorry this isn’t a specific learning podcast and more of a […]


It’s been a busy month of Conferences for me. So, as I get ready to go to Cardiff for #EMTA18 this week, here is a short summary of my key learning points from #ASPiH2018 A bit of background for those of you who don’t know, #ASPiH2018 was the annual conference of the Association for Simulated […]

What’s the Plan D?

Hi Folks I am sat here excitedly as I finally get to write a blog on one of my favourite subjects, the Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI) of a patient in ED. This also applies to any patient who is anaesthetised in an emergency, or out-with the anaesthetic room in a planned procedure. If I told […]